Video Recording and Video Editing

I’ve been doing video work since I was 16 and a junior in high school. I’ve done video broadcast, business video advertisements, and entertainment, as well as more personal documentaries such as retirement and memorial videos. I’ve also been awarded an award for video editing my junior year of high school. I’m currently working on getting high-quality cameras for recording, but I can work with any video or picture you send in. If you would like to check some of my work, please check the Gallery or on YouTube

Music Video

We work with artists and create music videos. Music videos can make or break a song with today’s YouTube Music craze. If you don’t have a good video, it can actually hurt your song more than not having a video at all. Videos tell a story as much as your song does so let us help you produce your next hit!


If you need to teach a subject to someone and don’t want it to look too cheesy, you’re in luck. We can help with on-screen educational cues and presentations to make your lecture pop. If you need to present a point to your community to help pass legislation or to help raise awareness for a project or a need, we can help with that as well.


If you’re interested in making skits or shorts, so are we. We are always looking for script writers and talent. One of our side companies, YEEEET Weekly, does skits and fake music videos for entertainment and are needing ideas! We will train acting and videography to people interested!


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