—There is so much related to audio that we do, if it’s not listed, just ask.—

I’ve been messing around with audio editing since I was 12, and have developed a rather fine ear for imperfections and perfecting what I have. Let us help you with your next project that requires an audio solution.

Our Music

We currently are making music and will produce music for you or with you. If we can make enough profit, we will go ahead and become a record label for local talent. We have some stuff out there just so we can get the name ready for when we start pushing more musically based songs we don’t have to fret. You can find us on Spotify as well as on iTunes and wherever you search.


We can do audio mastering for vocals, or other music you have in mind. We want to be able to provide you with a clear sound and make it sound better.

Your Music

We will build music for your event, video, song (and even help you record), business or advertisement for a video. We want to work with you to get the exact sound you want. We’ve worked with rappers from OKC all the way to Sayre Oklahoma and helped them get a foot in the door in the music industry.

Audio Clarity

We clear up audio for music and video! we can take out breaths and background hissing while keeping as much vocal quality as we can.


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