Hello! ZomBeatz Media is going to start a new branch of it’s business with ZomBeatz Media Reviews (ZBMR). We will create videos on products related to tech or gaming and start posting them on our YouTube channel as well as making post on here. The reason is we are looking for good content to establish a solid baseline for producing even more content. Some of the products will be sponsored and some will be purchased, but our intention is to bring in a little bit of profit and views to our company… our end goal is to get to show you some of the most awesome new coming tech in the industry, as well keep you up-to-date on tech news.

Hopefully after we establish a community I can start out-reach for more people to work with me to help bring more and awesome videos. As for now, we are trying to get everything set up to produce a professional product to present with the resources we have.

As an inside look for what is in the planning to come… expect to see: How to build a low-cost high-performance computer rig for about $500, How to set-up a low-cost Network Access Storage  and stream movies anywhere, how to build and modify your own retro-gaming station, Game reviews, Software reviews, Product reviews, and Hardware reviews.

Hopefully we can find some sponsors after we show our product so we can fund the entertainment and education we wish to provide without going deep into our personal wallets, however the beginning is going to be a little tough… so please comment what we can improve and like what you enjoy so we can do even better.

We will provide links that are affiliate links for products we review which, of course, you can just look up the item, however if you click it and purchase it, it will help support the channel and I will mention this in every video that is sponsored or has links.

I feel like I’m rambling a little bit now, but I want everyone to know we are starting to get everything together. We have a business sending us a product to review, and hopefully more to follow.

I hope everyone is doing well with the COVID situation currently, and to stay safe.

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