Welcome to ZomBeatz Media!

If you don’t know who we are, we are your one-stop shop to make this ever-evolving technology crisis more manageable for you. Our owner realized that there was nobody around western Oklahoma that built websites for a reasonable price, or readily available to make requested changes, so he planned to change that. ZomBeatz Media does work in video editing, musical design, vocal and instrumental recording, web design, social media management, graphical design, and so much more!

We Work for Businesses and for People

ZomBeatz Media won’t discriminate if you have a video you want to be built for your latest family vacation or for advertising purposes, well make sure to make sure we make it look the best as possible. We can burn to DVDs, store them on a USB, or upload them directly to social media so you don’t have to worry about the hassle. We strive to make the best impression we can!

What do we do?

We have an endless line of services we can provide. In our eyes, work is work, and will do anything to help around the community! To get an idea of what we, please check out our Services page, also located in the top right hand corner in the menu!


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